Conversations with a Deity

The Afterlife

By Vanamee

Of course I had to ask. What happens after we die? Do we float in the clouds playing harps, or sit in a garden drinking, or come back and do it again, or what?

Bad news. One run and done. I got a distinct impression that it was rather impolite to ask. Something like giving a small child a cookie, only to have them start screaming for more cookies.

It really is an incredible gift, this "life" business. When you consider it, almost all of the universe is empty space, with just a tiny smidgeon of matter smeared around. Then if you consider the incredibly vast amount of matter in that "smidgeon", a vanishingly small sliver is alive. Out of that hugh, incredible diversity of that "sliver" on all the planets of the universe (or even just this one), barely a little tiny bit of it is intelligent.

Each and every one of us gets to be a part of a tiny little bit of a sliver of a smidgeon. Each one of us is a member of the ultimate elite, intelligent life. We are each of us blessed that we get to be here, even for a moment, to be able to appreciate what she has done.

Still, that little boy in me would really like to have another cookie. This has really bummed me out.

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