Conversations with a Deity

Why We Are Here

By Vanamee

It helps to already know the meaning of the universe.

We're here primarily for three reasons.

First of all, we all have our parts to play. Like the actors on the stage or the pigments on the canvas, we're each a part of the tapestry of the universe. We each get a lot of leeway in how we play our parts, and what kind of parts we play. It's worth taking a look at how your part fits into the greater scheme of things.

Second, we can contribute by creating new art of our own. One of the most incredible things about Oyva's creation is that it incorporates elements (us) that generate new art on their own. We do pretty well at it, too.

And most importantly, we're part of the audience. We get to see and experience this. We're supposed to appreciate it. We're getting pretty good at that, too. I was left with a feeling that if we work hard at it, and learn all that we can about the universe, then one of these days our children or our children's children will know enough and command enough resources to begin to find out some of the really cool stuff.

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